Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I feel like I haven't had a big black cock in far too long. My poor Princess Pussy is starting to go a bit crazy. :(
I want to feel a real man's big, strong hands on my hips...thrusting his long, brown member into my juicy pussy. Black pole makes my kitty so drippy wet!

The last time I fucked a black guy was actually quite the exciting evening. Mike was over, as usual...cleaning my room and apartment. I hate a dirty place so at least once every two weeks, one of my subby bitches is assigned to the task of cleaning my apartment from top to bottom.

He finally finished about 6PM. He crawled into my room, right over to his little puppy corner and watched me dress. I had a date that night with Marcus, my newest chocolate treat. I was preparing to slip into my tightest minidress and my highest stiletto heels.

I was gonna get fucked tonight and subby Mike was going to be my assistant.

I know you must be dying to hear how mike ended up pleasuring both I and my black boyfriend.

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