Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If only...

Sometimes, I wish I had a bitch to keep around for the truly filthy tasks.  For those times when I just want inflict pain and humiliation upon another living being... is there an app for that?
This particular entry is so rude and offensive, you will simply have to click "read more" to continue.

For instance, now I'm on my period.  Where's my fucking tampon slave? Some loser to do removal and insertion as well as cleanup and hygiene for this crucial time of the month.

Perhaps he can work his way up to toilet slave and enjoy the privilege of wiping my asshole and pissy pussy.

He could live in a cage in the linen closet, with all of my other feminine hygiene products. LOL!

As terrible as it sounds, it's almost appealing, isn't it baby? Aren't you dying to serve me in every way possible by now?

1 comment:

puppy said...

I didn't find this rude or offensive at all. It would be an honor to clean you up when your monthly gift comes along. Yes, I am dying to serve you!


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