Friday, November 26, 2010

Erotic Hypnosis

Lately I've been doing some serious web researching for things that will benefit me during my live calls.

One topic I keep coming back to and that I find endlessly fascinating is erotic hypnosis.

The idea of being able to use my voice and words to steal your will power away from you is a big turn on.

For my sissies, I can create an mp3 of my silky sweet voice for you to listen to on a regular basis that can, over time, change the way you see yourself and your whole world.

Do you desire to be a beautiful woman with endless amounts of confidence? Perhaps you're fine being a man but are willing to be turned into a dutiful cock sucker?

It's one thing to roleplay, it's another thing to turn it into a drug of sorts, completely altering your state of mind.

Well, it's something to think about and you may see some mp3 recordings in the future. I am already working on a recorded listing for my cucky boys as we speak.

Thanksgiving went swimmingly. Downed 2 bottles of wine with my sister and mother and spent the rest of the night trying not to go back for seconds. lol

I was at the gym this morning (with the entire rest of the world, apparently, based on how long I waited for an elliptical) for two hours burning off last night's trangressions.

Can't wait for Christmas and New Year's!

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