Friday, November 12, 2010

White Guys LOVE Black Women

I have some pretty wild theories about life and the way humans work.

Having a chat with someone yesterday really made me think about the power I have over men and over white men especially.
In case you are wondering, yes, I am of mixed ancestry. I have Geman and Brazilian relatives. I will always consider myself a strong black woman, though. I love my creamy brown skin and I think you do too. ;)
As a young girl, I was often shy to talk to the white boys in class. I guess I was suffering from some tween racial complex, I really don't know.

I'm glad I grew out of it.

As my sexuality has blossomed I've realized that I have a particular affinity for my fair-skinned boys as they are not only very devoted but soo easy to control.

Speaking to me, it's obvious that my demeanor is very sweet. I giggle lots, use plenty of emoticons in chat and am just a very pleasant and charming girl.

I'm not like many black girls, I'm not ghetto, I treasure the english language and I'd never be caught dead wearing baby phat or apple bottoms.

However, once you get me a bit wired up, I'm a prime example the superiority of the female mind blending perfectly with the sharp tongue and scathing claws of a hoodrat bitch. Haha!

The best part--white boys love this! I love making them quiver in their little loafers at the slightest snarl in my voice. It's so easy to become addicted to a black woman's naturally dominant personality. I mean, it really makes sense when you think about it. Black men are naturally superior to you, as are black women.

What does this have to do with phone sex? Well aren't you curious to hear more about why I'm your superior thanks to race and sex? I could talk for hours on that! Not to mention it's always hot to throw a bit of "racial humiliation" into a roleplay. It turns me on to remind you of how inferior you little white cock is.

Never forget your place, white boys!

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puppy said...

I do agree with you that there is something about a black woman that just gives off this vibe of dominance.


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