Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two Princesses loving small cock humiliation

That's right. I'm no trendy bi slut, though. I don't just make out with my girlfriends after having a few fruity cocktails. We genuinely enjoy one another's sexual energy. Plus, we've been known to turn to each other during drought periods LOL. 

Of course, we end up with our fair share of small penises. Once we tied up some loser we met a club in L.A. We saw him pull up in a beautiful Porsche and we just looked at each other and knew he had to be ours!

Luck would have it, he saw me and was enamored. I turned on the charm and he totally fell for it. I introduced him to Kayla and we offered to chill with him if he rented a hotel room.

Once there, she and I were suddenly "SOooO wasted!" and we began kissing and feeling up on each other, right in front of our new target, Andrew .

Can you imagine saying no to two beautiful women, offering to lay you?! Of course not! So, they want you to withdraw your ATM limit before they'll even get naked? What's a little cash when you're about to have an  experience your cock will never forget?

Of COURSE we weren't actually going to fuck this loser. Especially after we peeped that midget member he was packing. No way, SHRIMP! 

At a friend's bachelorette party last year, I got a straw with a penis on it. It was hilarious because it was a teeny lil plastic penis. That itsy bitsy toy was bigger than this loser's dick. Hilarious! 

He came back with a nice stack of 20s which we pried from his quivering little fingers. 

My best friend and I would give you the same treatment if you ever tried to step to us, chump. You wanna get crushed under our stilettos? LOL

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